Catalyzing Community

Through Better Conversations

Digital Burnout is Real

Burnout is a serious and growing problem for today’s remote workforce. It drains employee creativity, undermines performance and leads to missed opportunities.

Online environments create an imbalance of community connection. This means it’s harder to support the health of a hybrid community than a 100% online one! How do you engage a community that is split across both online and in-person environments?

Strategically-Constructed, Digitally-Integrated, radically healthy culture

Interactive Workshops

Engage employees in making meaningful connections across platforms.

Flexible Coaching Support

Employees will have access to personalized career performance coaching.

Corporate Consulting

Align your company culture with a healthy digital environment.

How It Works

Curiosity Call

What led you to call me, and what problems do you see or want to prevent in your company?​

Action Plan

I will customize an action plan unique to your company’s needs using my unique approach to creating community and culture

Achieve Your Goals

Protect your employees from digital burnout and create a culture of meaningful communication across platforms to maximize profit, retention, and engagement.

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