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Stress kills — but it doesn’t have to!

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Burnout impacts all of life

Here are some signs and symptoms of burnout

Physical and Mental Health Degradation

The health impacts of burnout can be significant. Burnout can lead to physical and emotional health problems, including anxiety, depression, gastrointestinal problems, heart disease, and high blood pressure. It can also negatively impact your immune system and longevity.

Crippled Creativity and Ability to Learn

Burnout can cripple creativity by sapping your energy and motivation. When you're feeling burned out, it's tough to be creative. You might have trouble coming up with new ideas, and when you do, you might not have the energy to see them through.

Relational Collapse

Burnout can also have a negative impact on your relationships. When you're burned out, you might be more irritable and less patient with the people you love. Living in a survival-mode mindset undermines communication, and you might withdraw from authentic engagement.

Financial Instability

Burnout can lead to impulsive and reckless spending as a way to self-medicate. When you're feeling overwhelmed and stressed, it's easy to turn to retail therapy as a way to make yourself feel better. But this can quickly lead to debt and financial problems.

Emotional Turmoil

When you're feeling burned out, it's tough to cope with your emotions. You are more vulnerable to annoyance and anger, and concentration becomes more difficult. Imposter syndrome becomes more common, and you can start feeling like you're not good enough and that you're not meeting your own standards.

Addictive Spirals

When you're feeling burnout, it's easy to fall into addictive behavior patterns as a way to cope. You might turn to food, alcohol, drugs, sex, gambling, or other activities as a way to numb out and escape the stress you're feeling. These coping mechanisms might provide temporary relief, but they can quickly become compulsive and lead to even more problems.

Here's the Secret:

Burnout is Just Mismanaged Stress

Stress overload falls into three main categories, all of which cause the above signs and symptoms of burnout. Which ones do you resonate most with right now?

exhausted and overwhelmed woman


Emotional and cognitive overwhelm exhaust us even when we have far more potential for accomplishment. It's not just a matter of physical and mental overwork.
two alienated and bitter sisters


Survival-mode thinking dehumanizes those around us, making it harder to connect to them and resolve communication challenges.
a man with imposter syndrome and depression


A lack of a sense of meaningful accomplishment lies at the root of imposter syndrome, undermining confidence and energy.

Stress Reduction + Stress Redemption

= Conquered Burnout Symptoms

graph showing burnout symptoms vs stress redemption capacity

Burnout is simply the presence of stress that’s over your capacity for conversion into growth. We are designed as humans to grow under pressure – that’s why we exercise to get stronger.

By increasing our capacity for redeeming stress, and reducing unnecessary stress down to within that capacity, we can completely eliminate burnout!

The key to true mental health success, though, is implementation

You can know all the tactics and tips, but without an action plan and a community around you helping you implement that plan, you're not going to get unstuck.

Does your team culture support wellness or inflame burnout?

We can put well-meant values on the wall, but until they are actively integrated into the real day-to-day culture, they are impotent. Hybrid teams are particularly vulnerable!

Is your career stalled because of burnout?

The symptoms of burnout cripple our ability to grow professionally, particularly if you work remotely or in a hybrid environment. Liberation from burnout can explode glass ceilings and increase income by over 200%!

Do you feel alone in your struggles against burnout?

Life is busy, and it always seems to get busier. It's difficult to make time for the important, non-urgent things when we're constantly putting out fires. Finding belonging in a like-minded community can revolutionize your life!

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