One-on-One Coaching

Burnout Disconnection Instability Exhaustion Frustration Defeat -- all sapping your potential and undercutting your success. Tangibly.

There are answers, my friend. But while we may know what they are, or how to find them, putting them into practice is not as easy as we wish.

We aren't designed to grow alone

Lasting transformation cannot be found apart from community. In many cases, a coaching relationship specifically is critical for significant growth.

I was a web developer working remotely, but I've found a greater passion for helping other remote professionals. I love seeing transformation bloom in others... in people like you.

As your coach I will:

  • Ask you questions you cannot ask of yourself, pushing you to think through your challenges and create solutions
  • Help you cultivate lasting inspiration rather than impose motivation on you from outside like a cheerleader
  • Co-craft your success plan with you, tailoring your goals and growth strategies to your unique circumstances, gifts, and challenges
  • Invest dedicated time in debriefing problems and wins with you so that you can maximize your learning opportunities
  • Provide a safe place for confidential venting of issues and concerns you encounter
  • Express sincere, unlimited confidence in your capacity to grow and reach your purpose, vision, and goals when you are feeling down and limited

A Few Typical Coaching Services Included

Digital Wellness

Develop a positive relationship with technology, avoiding the pitfalls we fall into by default

Burnout Prevention

Develop the skills necessary to reduce unnecessary stress and convert healthy stress into growth

Career Clarity

Develop a strategic understanding of your values and identity so you can calibrate your life meaningfully

Holistic Performance

Develop your skills in communication, leadership, networking, continuing education, and more

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