Stress Redemption

Reconciling Humanity and Technology

Converting Stress into Growth instead of burnout

Tech employees are at high risk of burnout

Over 65% of remote employees report burnout symptoms.
Employees are disengaged. Turnover is high. Work habits are unstable.

Protect Your Employees from Digital Burnout

Enjoy Productivity

Employees will be free from the anxiety of imposter syndrome, emotionally energized to tackle their day.

Reduce Turnover

Employees will be more engaged with their jobs and willing to go the extra mile for a culture to which they truly belong.

Prevent Burnout

Employees won't grow to hate the work they used to love or disassociate from their jobs and team mates.

I unlock radical transformation by connecting ideas, people, and purposes.

Join the #StressRedemption Movement

Lasting transformation only happens within community. Let’s radically change the way we engage with stress and digital toxicity and intoxication — together!

How It Works

1. Reduce Stress

Eliminate unnecessary stress through strategic systems.

2. Redeem Stress

Convert healthy stress into radical growth through intentional maturity.

3. Energize!

Live a fulfilling and impactful life of joyful productivity with clear direction and vision!

Build Human Connection
in Online Places

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