What are people saying after working with Jaymes?

I felt stuck. I was frustrated with my inability to get out of my own way and make progress towards my goals. I decided to give Jaymes O'Pheron's Mastermind group a try. I'm very pleased with the results. I've been involved in Success Teams and Mastermind groups in the past, but they were only focused on goal achievement. This group was focused on growth...on increasing and improving one's capability. That made the difference. While I still have much work ahead of me, Jaymes' Mastermind group helped me get unstuck and take strides towards my goals...while increasing my capability. If you are feeling stuck, stalled or mired in your life, I heartily recommend Jaymes O'Pheron and his Mastermind groups.
Kyle Hall
Speaker, Mentor, Business Consultant
I began the mastermind group by saying I don't know what I don't know, and that I was excited by what could emerge over the weeks. I found that applying a more structured approach, which the mastermind sessions provided, gave me great insights into practical steps I could take to grow strategically! Jaymes was an incredible facilitator, and did a remarkable job of integrating our very diverse insights into our discussions.
Mary Morrison
Past International Director, Toastmasters International
Being a member of the mastermind led by Jaymes O'Pheron was a boost in my life. With his guidance, I was able to apply a series of important life lessons to help me live a more satisfying, fulfilling life. It helps to take a look at my life principles periodically so I adjust my view for the better. My husband noticed I was more introspective during the course of this mastermind.
I have wanted this kind of thing for a long time, knowing that I needed significant changes, and the group has given me the hope that changes will happen. Changes that have happened so far: I have been more encouraged when things have gone right, I have held onto and put to use ideas that I get which I would forget before, I have felt more reason to do pretty much everything, I've come back to things that I initially didn't do soon enough, I have an "excuse" to make changes that might otherwise have seemed too "disruptive", and overall I have felt that I can see clearer.
Patrick L.
Mastermind is a time of pushing my own development by facing my fears, growing with them, and turning them into victories, great and small. The sharing of perspectives and experiences brings together an attractive event of leadership. Each member has the chance and ability to open up about fears to life lessons, or simply encourage one another. All are great moments of giving our own experiences in a thoughtful practical hour.
R. Zemek
When I started these eight weeks I thought that I was doing it to help a friend, by the second week I knew I was doing something positive for my own life and development. Jaymes' ability to compassionately and wisely direct a group of people, who all had different things we were trying to overcome and improve in ourselves, was incredibly genuine and fostered a very safe environment to be vulnerable in. The material and readings were also valuable, but if it wasn't for the group of people that I met and connected with while delving into the laws I wouldn't have learned half as much about myself or what I need to do to grow and move forward. If someone had told me eight weeks ago that I would be feeling half as confident and ready to face life's challenges and continue to grow as I do now I wouldn't have believed them. I am so glad I decided to sign up for this Mastermind with Jaymes; it has changed my life and I think it could change yours too.
Sarah M.
Jaymes is an incredible coach. My life is pretty stressful - by design. I really like getting stuff done, excelling in various unconnected fields, and participating in as many different things as I can, but a lifestyle like mine carries with it a series of drawbacks and pitfalls. Like a slowly floundering ship, stress was overflowing into almost every aspect of my life in the form of anger, depression, anxiety, and frustration, and I was reaching a boiling point with friends and family that neither I nor they could fully understand. I signed on with Jaymes to combat this stress and I found in him much more than a simple stress coach. Jaymes will not just work with you on different stress techniques and give you advice but, critically, will also help you explore and analyze your character and personality - the different motivations and aspects that drive you towards stress. This can be fun and cathartic, but it can also be convicting depending on the day. Jaymes also has the expertise to tackle faith-based stress as well. Jaymes’s ability to come at problems and questions at unexpected angles with wisdom is one of his greatest strengths, and I highly recommend him as a stress coach.
William J C
Developer, Violinist, Entrepreneur
This mastermind was a great place to reflect on and refine my ideas and direction for personal and professional growth. It was fun to engage the topics with a variety of people. Wherever each of us started with respect to our personal growth journey, we all participated, got insights and grew. I would recommend Jaymes's masterminds because he provides a fun environment to stretch yourself.
This group was ably led and facilitated a depth of sharing that gave meaning to the book discussed: My fellow group members all had deeply personal and interesting perspectives and shared them generously.
Jaymes has tremendous facilitation skills, extending encouragement, relatability and asks questions that dig a bit deeper. His passion for the materials discussed provides contagious enthusiasm to the participants. If you are ready to stretch in a supportive environment, then this masterclass is perfect.
Mary Morrison
Past International Director, Toastmasters International
I have always felt motivated to learn and grow, but it was the feeling of community and the fact of accountability that kept me motivated to keep growing. Being a part of a like-minded group of people is so powerful and changes your everyday mindset.

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