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Cold Comfort: Modern Dopamine Addiction

Revitalize Mind, Body, and All of Society by Chilling Out with Discomfort

In today’s world, we are constantly seeking comfort and new ways to stimulate our minds. Join us for an hour-long webinar, “Cold Comfort: Modern Dopamine Addiction,” to explore the consequences of this obsession and learn how ascetic practices, like ice baths, can help us resist these crippling tendencies. Engage in a live Q&A session and chat with others who share your interest in pursuing a more balanced lifestyle.

In this eye-opening webinar, we’ll discuss the ways modern society feeds our addiction to comfort and the impact it has on our physical and mental wellbeing. Learn about the benefits of embracing discomfort through practices like ice baths and how they can help us build resilience, foster discipline, and lead more balanced lives. Discover the power of asceticism in combating modern dopamine addiction.

Join us for this insightful webinar as we explore the power of ascetic practices to resist society’s obsession with comfort. Share the invitation with friends who are also interested in pursuing a more balanced and disciplined lifestyle.

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