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Stress Kills!

But it doesn't have to!

Take a quick self-check: do these sound like what you're experiencing right now?

exhausted and overwhelmed woman


Emotional and cognitive overwhelm exhaust us even when we have far more potential for accomplishment. It's not just a matter of overwork.
two alienated and bitter sisters


Survival-mode thinking dehumanizes those around us, making it harder to connect to them and resolve communication challenges.
a man with imposter syndrome and depression


A lack of a sense of meaningful accomplishment lies at the root of imposter syndrome, undermining confidence and energy.

Burnout cripples our health, our ability to connect, and our creative thinking skills

The solution

1. Reduce Stress

Eliminate unnecessary stress through strategic systems.

2. Redeem Stress

Convert healthy stress into radical growth through intentional maturity.

3. Energize!

Live a fulfilling and impactful life of joyful productivity with clear direction and vision!

The strongest way to both reduce and redeem stress is community!

To Learn and Grow, We're stronger in Numbers

Join the beginnings of a thriving group of growth-focused and motivated individuals through a variety of quality engagement formats.

Create authentic connection through:

  • Live, interactive training events
  • In-person and online options for small groups
  • Collaborative exercises for developing skill in stress management
  • Forum and chat access on a dedicated platform away from public social media
  • And more!

Gain access to:

  • A supportive, engaged community that understands the challenges of stress and burnout
  • Connect with others who have been through similar experiences and recovered
  • Rich resources and tools to help you manage stress and rebuild your life
  • 24/7 access to a community of people who care about you and want to help

Feeling Spread Thin? Too Busy & Not Enough Time?

One of the biggest struggles my clients face is making time in their hectic schedules

We all know that our lives are busier than ever. We’re constantly juggling work, family, and social obligations, and there never seems to be enough time for everything. This leaves little room for the important but non-urgent things in life, like exercise, relaxation, and growth.

However, making time for the important but non-urgent things in life is crucial for breaking out of survival mode. When our days are crammed full of urgent tasks, we can easily lose sight of what’s really important. But by making time to invest in our wellness and performance, we’re not only taking care of ourselves, but we’re also ensuring that we’re in a better position to take care of others.

That’s why I designed these programs specifically for the busiest among us. There are lots of options both asynchronous and live, with bite-size trainings and self-paced engagement. Come participate in what works for you!

Join in the Community that's right for you

The most powerful self-determining choice we can make is to choose what communities we identify with.

Community is the engine that drives lasting transformation.

Hello, my name is Jaymes O’Pheron. As a serial entrepreneur, I’ve had my share of ups and downs. I know what it’s like to struggle with not enough time to go around.

After burning out myself as a freelance web developer, I pivoted into coaching to help my fellow nerds with the pains I myself faced. I’ve dedicated years of study (and hard-won experience) to figuring out how to invest hardship into growth. I hate wasting it!

The model of Stress Redemption was born from my own practice and learning how to be a source of peace and healing for those around me. I would love to share it with you.

Stress Redemption FB Group

Overcoming Digital Burnout for Christian Businessmen

  • Healthy, non-toxic community of likeminded Christian men
  • Weekly mindset livestreams
  • Daily tips on converting stress into growth instead of burnout
  • Regular challenges, exercises, and ways to put what you're learning into action
  • Ways to collaborate, share resources, and also learn from other active members of the group who are dedicated Christian brothers making an impact in the world

If for any reason that doesn't sound like you...

...but you are determined to develop your skills of Stress Redemption, you are welcome to join my Discord server! Built for a broader audience, there are several options that should be a fit for you. Check it out!

Register before the end of the year and gain access to the early bird reduced price! Will you be there?

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