2: Intangibility and Tangibility in the Digital World with Jon Stopchick

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Joining Jaymes on this episode is Jon Stopchick, a Software Engineering Manager, programmer, gamer, and space fanatic. We met through Toastmasters and are both members of the amazing Nerdmasters club. We discuss the epoch-changing innovations in how we as humans have communicated over the millennia, and how the acceleration of those changes in recent generations is a unique challenge. We discuss interactivity, tangibility, intangibility, and how these relate to us on a primal level. We discuss the advent of touch screens and how we can learn from that leap to make the leap into AR and VR — and how awesome that will be. We also explore ways in which we can connect with each other better through ergonomic technology, and with maturity.

You can find Jon on LinkedIn here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jonathan-stopchick-4715395/

You can find Nerdmasters here: https://www.nerdmasters.org

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