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#Stress Redemption


Stress kills, but it doesn't have to! Come learn how to convert pressure into growth and conquer burnout!

4 Weeks. Under 1 Hour Per Session.

Let's reclaim your life together!
Fargo ND

Are you feeling overwhelmed?

Burnt out?

Do you feel like you're just barely keeping your head above water?

If so, this workshop is for you!

At the Stress Redemption Workshop, you’ll learn powerful, effective techniques to:

  • Transform stress into reliable growth
  • Conquer burnout
  • Escape the grip of survival mode
  • Launch into thriving & joyful productivity

I am proud to present the Stress Redemption Workshop, a 4-week course that will teach you the skills necessary to reduce unnecessary stress, convert healthy stress into growth, and defeat burnout. For less than 1 hour a week, you will be able to work on your life, not just in your life, breaking out of survival mode into thriving productivity. You will learn how to combat overwhelm, reconnect with others, and gain a sense of meaningful accomplishment.

Here's the Story

I am looking for people who...

See the Burnout All Around Us +

Have a Concern For Its Impacts +

Want to Make a Difference

Let's take a quick review on what burnout looks like:

exhausted and overwhelmed woman


Emotional and cognitive overwhelm exhaust us even when we have far more potential for accomplishment. It's not just a matter of overwork.
two alienated and bitter sisters


Survival-mode thinking dehumanizes those around us, making it harder to connect to them and resolve communication challenges.
a man with imposter syndrome and depression


A lack of a sense of meaningful accomplishment lies at the root of imposter syndrome, undermining confidence and energy.

Pause and think for a moment... does this sound like the people in your life?

Burnout cripples our health, our ability to connect, and our creative thinking skills

We can be the solution!

Discover Stress Redemption!

Then don't just conquer your own burnout... A source of wellness and healing to those around you!

How It Works

1. Reduce Stress

Eliminate unnecessary stress through strategic systems.

2. Redeem Stress

Convert healthy stress into radical growth through intentional maturity.

3. Energize!

Live a fulfilling and impactful life of joyful productivity with clear direction and vision!

graph showing burnout symptoms vs stress redemption capacity

Burnout is simply the presence of stress that’s over your capacity for conversion into growth. We are designed as humans to grow under pressure – that’s why we exercise to get stronger.

By increasing our capacity for redeeming stress (a skill I call sagehood), and reducing unnecessary stress down to within that capacity, we can completely eliminate burnout!

This means there are only four skills you need to conquer burnout!

Clarity to Conquer Overwhelm
Connection to Conquer Alienation
Confidence to Conquer Inefficacy
Sagehood to Convert Stress to Growth

Let me briefly share my vision with you for the #StressRedemption Movement

To Recap:

Introducing the Three Tiers of the Movement:

Connection Geeks

Learn & Grow
  • Daily Connection Minute videos
  • Weekly One-Minute Read Insider Newsletter
  • Monthly Live Training Webinar
  • Full Training Recording Access
  • Dedicated Forum, Chat, and More!

Curiosity Nerds

Train & Transform
$ 45
  • Full Connection Geeks Access Plus...
  • #StressRedemption Field Manual
  • #StressRedemption Huddle Meetup Network
  • Extra Live Training Workshops
  • Exclusive Access to Mastermind Experiences
  • Reduced Cost Private 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions

Catalytic Sages

Lead & Energize
$ 95
  • Full Curiosity Nerds Access Plus...
  • Full access to complete course library
  • Weekly Group Coaching Calls
  • Even More Reduced Cost Private 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions
  • Dedicated Community Gaming Servers
  • Exclusive In-Person Events
  • One FREE 1-on-1 onboarding & personality discovery session (priced $389)

Here are the steps:

I promise that you will more than make up for the time you invest.

Your increased productivity and wellness is literally worth your while, or your money back.

Jaymes O'Pheron
Career Performance Coach & Burnout Prevention Specialist, Jaymes O'Pheron

4 Weeks. Under 1 Hour Per Session.

Register before the end of the year and gain access to the early bird reduced price! Will you be there?
Fargo ND

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Register before the end of the year and gain access to the early bird reduced price! Will you be there?

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